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This is our personal favorite high school history curriculum.

We have used Exploring America, Government, Economics and Exploring World History

It is well written, thorough and engaging.  I asked my 2 high schoolers if they would prefer to do World History at the Co-op we attend or do Notgrass World history this year (2011),               they both responded with Notgrass!

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A Record of the Learning Lifestyle
by Charlene Notgrass

A Record of the Learning Lifestyle is a straightforward and effective homeschool record keeping system that helps you focus on the most important things in training your children. You can see at a glance how you are doing at covering a broad range of subjects; and you can give your child appropriate credit for all of his daily activities, not just his "school work."

•Spaces to record the activities of each day, Sunday through Saturday.

•Spaces to record the activities of the week in specific training categories, including:

◦Spiritual Life: Bible Study, Worship, and Christian Fellowship

◦Learning to Work: Chores, Service, and Life Skills

◦Relating to Others: Character and Relationships

◦Learning About God's Creation: Science and Technology

◦Learning About People and Places: Geography, Government, and Foreign Language

◦Learning About the Events and People of the Past: History and Biography

◦Learning About the Thoughts of Others: Reading and Literature

◦Being Creative: Art, Crafts, Music, Drama, and Other Creative Activities

◦Learning to Communicate: Letter Writing, Grammar, Handwriting, Creative Writing, and Journaling

◦Caring for My Body: Exercise, Sports, and Health

◦Learning Math, Problem Solving, and Thinking Skills.

•One opening shows a whole week's work, so you don't need to flip back and forth between sections.



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Exploring Economics

Exploring Government

Exploring World History
Exploring America
America the Beautiful 
(Ages 10-14)
Uncle Sam and You 
(Ages 10-14)