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Write Stuff Adventure (exploring The Art Of Writing)

SDG Price $15.95

This creative writing course was specifically written by a seasoned professional for homeschool use. It offers warm encouragement to students through simple, easy-to-understand assignments while providing all the important building blocks necessary for creative writing. Recommended for middle grades through high school.

Jump In: A Workbook for Reluctant and Eager Writers - Set

Student Book and Teacher Manual

Sharon Watson Author

Jump In is a wonderful new middle school writing course that overcomes the reluctant writer’s fear of writing by using a friendly, approachable style that makes the text easy to read. This course can also be used by high school students who have had little practice in writing, or who are reluctant writers. Short, workable exercises, incremental daily lessons, and non-threatening word counts will help students to write opinions, persuasive papers, and many types of expository papers, descriptions, narration, and poetry. The instructor/parent section includes what to look for in an assignment, how to give a grade, how to help the student proofread, and a one-year writing program called “10-Minute Writing Plunges.” These are daily writing prompts designed for fun and interest. This two-book set includes a student workbook and a teacher’s manual.

Originally published in 1903, the book uses wonderful pictures to stimulate the child’s imagination and lead him or her into writing. The grammar that is introduced includes those things necessary to the writing task. There are memorization assignments, oral composition, written composition and practice exercises. Everything you need to teach second grade English, or a first course for older, reluctant writers, is included in this text. No teacher’s edition necessary.

English For The Thoughtful Child

Since the original English for the Thoughtful Child was published 1989, we have had countless requests for a second, more advanced volume. This book has all the distinctives of the original (nature lessons, oral composition, picture lessons, memory work, and a gentle introduction to grammar), all centered around the development of writing skills.

English for the Thoughtful Child Vol 2

Cyndy Shearer

Writing Trails In American History

SDG Price: $12.50

The Imitation in Writing Series is designed to teach aspiring writers the art and discipline of crafting delightful prose and poetry by using the time-tested method of imitation. Included are well-written fairy tales, fables, and Greek myths from the past, formatted so that students can outline and imitate each one. A great tool for teaching plot, character development, vocabulary, and paragraphing.

Editor in Chief Software is also available.  Email for details

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