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Too many Americans are geographically illiterate, but you don't have to be. This one source book provides you with all you need to know to teach this vital subject from kindergarten through high school. Part lesson plan, part unit study, part inspiration and more. From selecting appropriate reference materials, to constructing a timeline, to establishing a student notebook, this book will guide you through literature (with Hans Brinker or the Silver Skates), science, history, and includes a complete multi-level geography course for middle and high school students, with reproducible outline maps. To help keep history in perspective use any of the over 300 historical timeline figures, and notebook timeline.

Ultimate Geography and Timeline Guide 2nd Edition

Retail: $43.95  SDG PRICE $32.00

Galloping The Globe 3rd Edition

Now includes Activity CD-ROM with printable maps, flags, & activity pages PLUS over 135 Bonus Pages! Word searches, mazes, maps and more...clues, puzzles, and animals galore! What an enchanting way to learn geography - a unit study/discovery learning resource entitled Galloping The Globe. This geography based curriculum is geared towards the K - 4th grade children. It can be used from 1 - 3 years and covers all 7 continents. Incorporating the student notebook approach, Galloping The Globe integrates 8 categories of learning activities: Basic Geography People/History Literature Science Activities Internet Sources Bible The lessons are designed to engage the children's hearts and minds through variety and interaction. Keeping the notebook will only serve to encourage creativity as they become accustomed to producing a lasting product while experiencing hands- on learning. Most of the literature will be found at your local library, but a few resources are recommended for purchase if you plan to complete most of the suggested activities. (Considering God's Creation is the core of the science lessons.) This is a wonderful introduction to world geography using a notebooking approach to learning. This new edition of Galloping the Globe includes an Activity CD-ROM jam-packed with all the reproducible content found in the book, plus even more Bonus Pages. Simply pop the disc in your computer, select what you need to enhance the day's lesson, and print top-quality student notebook pages right from home!

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SDG: $24.95

Runkle Geography Set

"Welcome to the Wonderful World of Geography: World Physical Geography" will bring you to space and back down to earth! Beginning with our planet and its place in the solar system, students will learn about landforms, lakes, maps, climate, time-zones, minerals, mountains, volcanoes, biomes, erosion, and other aspects of physical life on earth. Full-color lessons include definitions and fun facts in the sidebar; goals are stated up front, illustrations or photographs help shed light on important concepts; hands-on activities are fun and reinforce the main point; new words are bolded within the lesson; and review questions & vocabulary, along with any Latin or Greek roots, complete the chapter. Student Book is 288 pages, softcover. The included teacher's guide includes chapter review questions and answers, chapter tests, and the answers for the chapter tests. Teacher's Guide is 135 pages, softcover.

Geography Through Art

Geography Through Art is the ultimate book of international art projects. Join your children on an artistic journey to more than twenty-five countries spanning six continents. This Internet-linked book includes a variety of project types, from watercolor to paper mache to sculpting and more.

Eat Your Way Around The World


Get out the sombrero for your Mexican fiesta! Chinese egg rolls! Corn pancakes from Venezuela! Fried plantains form Nigeria! All this and more is yours when you take your family on a whirlwind tour of over thirty countries in this unique international cookbook. Jam-packed with delicious dinners, divine drinks, and delectable desserts, this book is sure to please.

The entire family will be fascinated with tidbits of culture provided for each country including:

• Etiquette hints

• Food Profiles

• Culture a la Carté

For more zest, add an activity and violá, you will create a memorable learning experience that will last for years to come. Some activities include:

• Food Journal

• Passport

• World Travel Night

Open your eyes and tastebuds and have great fun on this edible adventure.

Eat Your Way Through The Usa (for All Ages)


What is the best part of any vacation? The food, of course! The highlight of a trip to Maryland is soft shell crab cakes. A visit to Idaho is not complete without a variety of potato dishes and vacationers plan whole trips around the Cajun delicacies of Louisiana. A trip to the south means a mess of fried catfish and black eyed peas.

Every state in this great country has its own culinary specialties. Now you can taste your way across the country without leaving your own dining room table!

Eat Your Way Through the U.S.A. is more than just a cookbook. It is a taste buds-on approach to geography. Each state has its unique geographical features and agricultural products. These influence both the ingredients that go into a recipe and the way food is prepared.

Retail: $14.95

Uncle Josh's Outline Map Collection Cd-rom

Outline maps are a foundational part of teaching geography and history. Here are 100+ maps to use year after year, regardless of topic or time studied. From drawing explorer’s routes to tracking hurricanes to depicting the rise and fall of empires, it’s here! Includes continents, ancient historical regions, important war arenas, each of the fifty states, and more! Rivers are lightly shaded and surrounding borders are visible . You’ve got the whole world covered in this one-of-a-kind book! Reproducible pages.

Conveniently print from your own home computer! Mac and PC compatible. Pdf files, uses Acrobat Reader.

Uncle Josh's Outline Map Book

Retail: $19.95

From the authors who brought you Galloping the Globe, comes the U.S. version, Cantering the Country. Learning geography is an adventure, and it's much more than memorizing facts! This unit study course teaches a wide range of academic and character building disciplines using the geography of the U.S. as a starting point. You don't have to put aside one subject to make time for another. They're all connected! This comprehensive unit study can be used for all children grades 1-5 and includes: * Geography - Learn basic geography of each state through terms, mapping, & more. * Science - Learn science by studying the state flowers, trees, animals, and birds. * Language Arts - Explore language arts as you read literature set in each state. * Character - Build character by learning to apply the principles of the preamble to the constitution of each state. * History - Bring history alive with the stories of famous people, founding fathers and Native American groups from around the country. At the end of the course, your students will have a deeper understanding and appreciation of this great nation. They'll also create a U.S. notebook chock-full of wonderful information and fun memories. So saddle up your horses and strap on your thinking caps! This new edition of Cantering the Country includes an Activity CD-ROM jam-packed with even more reproducible content! Simply pop the disc in your computer, select what you need to enhance the day's lesson, and print top-quality student notebook pages right from your home computer!

Cantering The Country

Profiles from History takes a fresh look a familiar faces. Along with beautiful illustrations and fascinating stories, this book encourages children to think about the motivations of twenty historical figures. Activities and discussion questions help students recognize the effect these individuals have had on history.

Retail: $15.00

Profiles From History

Bible Land Activity Maps Paper

The jumbo size outline maps in this set are ideal for any study of the Bible, Ancient Civilizations, and more. It is the recommended map set to use with Trail Guide to Bible Geography. The set includes the following 11"x17" outline maps: Ancient Civilizations, Europe and the Middle East, 2 copies of Israel/Eastern Mediterranean and the Mark-It Timeline of History.

Continents Map Set (paper)

Same maps as in the laminated set! Includes jumbo blank continent maps of North America, South America, Africa, Europe, Asia (with Australia and Antarctica) and BONUS outline map of the United States. Laminated for durability and reuse. Paper map set also available. These large maps are absolutely wonderful for any world geography study. When you have a great deal of info to include on an outline map of the continent we highly recommend providing these over-size blank outline maps. Students color and add shaded relief, cities, countries, places of interest, historical events, and more. They'd never be able to fit so much on one 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper without confusion and clutter. There are great geography lesson plans for these large maps in The Ultimate Geography and Timeline Guide (Conquering the Continents section) and in the Trail Guide to World Geography.

Paths of Exploration Set

Israel / East Mediterranean Map

Africa Map

Retail: $7.95

Usa Map

Ancient Civilizations Map

North America Map Laminated

South America Map Laminated

Mark It Map Set For All Studies


All 13 Mark it maps are included in this package of laminated maps. Titles include:

North America

South America



Australia w/ Antarctica


Europe and the Middle East

Ancient Civilizations

Israel (E. Mediterranean on back)

World w/ USA on reverse

Also available in paper, folded to a handy size that fits in the pocket of a student notebook.

Bible Land Activity Maps Laminated

Retail: $19.25

The jumbo size outline maps in this set are ideal for any study of the Bible, Ancient Civilizations, and more. It is the recommended map set to use with Trail Guide to Bible Geography. The set includes the following 11"x17" outline maps: Ancient Civilizations, Europe and the Middle East, 2 copies of Israel/Eastern Mediterranean and the Mark-It Timeline of History.

Paths of Exploration takes students on a journey. Follow the steps of famous explorers and pioneers across America and let geography be your guide to science, history, language skills, and the arts. This journey will teach students HOW to think by asking, answering, and investigating questions about our great country's beginning and growth. The paths of the explorers are seen through multidisciplinary eyes, but always with the same goals: to make learning enjoyable, memorable, and motivating. This full one-year course for 3rd, 4th and 5th graders (adaptable for 2nd and 6th) covers six units in two volumes. retail $150  $139.00

Retail: $29.95

SDG: $24.95